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Q. Why do I see a 'Movie File directory not found' message when I try to play a movie?

A. Videoman does not store directories paths and file names together. This allows you to move files around, change directory names and other houskeeping without needing to update each entry in the videoMan database. Though you cannot change the filename itself without also updateing the entry in videoMan.
To ensure videoMan can find your movie file when it is time to watch the movie, keep 'Edit' -> 'Options' -> "Movie file Directories' up to date with the list of all directories used to store your video files.

Q. Why no command line support for the Divx player(or name your favorite)?

A. The short answer is, can't do em all. There are too many and keeping them up to date as they change the command line interface is too much. Your favorite player will still work as it did before. just keep your Player option set to Default and videoMan will execute your video file and windows will call your default player.