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A Java based tool for organizing and managing your .avi, .asf, .mov, .mkv, .mp4, .ogm, .wmv and .mpg video files. While it can also be used to catalog titles from your DVD collection, it was written with video files as the main target. Based on MeDs Movie Manager. Currently only supported and tested on Windows 2K/XP.

The most current release is videoMan 0.8

videoMan 0.8, released on 10.06.2004

  • Support for multi part video files. .
  • Added Country and MPAA fields
  • Added asf, mov, mkv, ogm and wmv file support.
  • Added direct command line support for Zoom, BSPlayer and Media Player Classic.
  • Added Search function.
  • Added Panel cache for speed.
  • Reminder checkbox
  • Filter list display based on MPAA rating.
  • Replaced the Access DB with HSQLDB
  • More GUI improvements for scaling.
  • Get IMDB info based on IMDB key.
  • Export to/Import from TSV file
  • Export to html
  • DB query and statistics

Note: Current users should use the package to update to 0.8.
New users should download the package.
Refer to the Update/Installation section of the

videoMan proudly uses
Kunststoff Desktop Theme
HSQLDB relational database JEBML reader

videoMan is released under the GNU General Public License.

Binary and source downloads available here

Author: Ron Knutson

I also have a manager application for .jpg, .gif and .png image files available here